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This clip. Is one of my favorite Loki moments of all time.

Because as crazy as he’s gone since, we have to remember that Loki used to be the sane one. Like, the only sane guy in the room. Even at his schemiest (totes a word, shut up) and most mischievous, he was the smart one, the quiet one, the one who just really wished Thor would NOT.

And you know what they say about the quiet ones, when they finally do snap…

Never forget facepalming Loki. He’s still in there, somewhere. We hope.

I have faith in face-palming Loki.

Reblogging because I love this scene, this Loki, this Tom. 

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Anonymous asked:

I didn't have room in my last message to say it, but I really sincerely hope you overcome whatever troubles you're going through. I'm sorry if writing that Destiel story, or in fact continuing to fulfill so many requests in general added to your stresses. You truly are a talented writer, and I love your blog as a whole, but the most important thing is making yourself happy and healthy, so do what you have to do, and I promise you'll still have at least one big fan in the end. <3

Thank you, hun, I really appreciate this, it’s always nice to know that there are some very sweet people out there who care:) <3
No worries, I wasn’t too stressed out about your fic, it made me nervous more than anything:p
Thank you once again especially for this message, I don’t get many like it and it definitely brightened my day. I hope you’re doing well, too!! <3


Anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm the anon that requested the Destiel story. Just thought you might like to know that I LOVED it. It was exactly the kind of story I wanted to read, but couldn't find anywhere else (pus I just really like your writing style in general). I especially love the ending. You didn't have to go into some cheesy, long, over-dramatic moment where they explain their feelings and all that.. Just the hand-holding said everything, and it was so simple, and in-character and totally perfect. Thank you!!!

You’re so welcome, sweetie!! I’m so happy you loved it. Yeah, I thought that would be waaaaaaayy out of character for either of them to try and express how they felt ugh lol!!:) I enjoyed writing this for you:D

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